Beyoncé teases new music release

Beyoncé in a Super Bowl ad for Verizon.

Beyoncé in a Super Bowl ad for Verizon.  

Beyoncé knows how to break the internet.

She attempted to do that again on Sunday when she teased the release of new music in a Verizon ad that debuted during the Super Bowl.

Moments later on her official website, the Grammy-winner and Texas-native posted a clip of a new song that sounds like a departure from her most recent dance-centric album “Renaissance,” with a guitar strumming along to a tune about the game Texas hold ‘em.

“Act II” and the date March 29 was listed on her site.

The ad spot, titled “Can’t B Broken,” featured “Veep” actor Tony Hale challenging Beyoncé to break the cellular service company’s 5G capabilities, and she accepted the challenge in glorious fashion.

“It’s Verizon 5G, the network’s crazy powerful,” Hale said, adding, “bet you can’t break that!”

Confidently, Beyoncé retorts, “bet you I can.”

Beyoncé proceeds to go to great lengths to prove Hale wrong.

Can’t B Broken (Extended)

She is seen causing a scene at a lemonade stand in a nod to her hit 2016 album “Lemonade,” introducing a robotic version of herself called “Beyoncé-AI” and even a Beyoncé Barbie, aptly named “Barb-Bey.”

With no luck, she continues her attempts by announcing that she’s “running for Beyoncé of the United States” and attempts to become “the first woman to launch the first rocket for the first performance in space” as she takes off in a space shuttle and performs a routine in zero gravity.

At the very end, the star is heard saying, “Ok, they ready. Drop the new music.”

With that kind of an exit, if anybody can break Verizon… It’s Beyoncé.

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